About Us

Ian Sheffner is an experienced forest contractor with
30 years active involvement in the forest industry
in many parts of the UK.
His experience covers the full range of harvesting systems from industrial scale harvesting to felling
for horse extraction.
Ian combines managing Crooked Pool Logs Ltd, with periods
of production felling. He also specialises in low-impact extraction in small and/or sensitive woodland using specialist machinery.
Underpinning Ian’s philosophy, developed over many years experience, is a belief in the ability of woodlands and timber to provide for so many of our human needs, not least of which is firewood.
At Crooked Pool Logs Ltd, Ian is involved with the entire process from standing tree to excellent quality dry firewood logs.

Dorienne Robinson has an MSc in Advanced Environmental
and Energy Studies and has worked closely with local community renewable energy systems for a number of years.
Like Ian, she has a love of woodlands and believes that managing them sensitively can enhance habitat while
helping to supply some of our energy needs.
She says, “Climate change and Post Peak Oil has
encouraged many householders to switch across to
wood fuels. It’s very important therefore that woodlands
are not abused and firewood users get a top quality product.
This is why Ian and I are committed to ensuring that
Crooked Pool Logs Ltd offers the best possible for both our woods and our customers”.

Contact us:
01597 823 957 or 07849 771 741 or 07933 717 601