About Us

We run this together. Here we are, in case you wanted to know a bit about us:

Ian Sheffner has spent 30 years as a timber faller in Wales and southern England.

Developing the firewood side of things seemed a logical step and properly became established around 2010. “I do much less contract felling these days. Between the firewood production and delivery, training in forestry chainsaw skills, and sweeping chimneys I stay pretty busy.”

We rely on sun, wind, well-built drying bays with plenty of ventilation, and time to get our firewood seasoned. Much firewood is sold kiln-dried these days, but this is not an option for us unless we burn wood to produce dry wood, which seems counter productive.

Local woodlands support us and firewood companies like ours support local woodlands, many of which are small and difficult to manage successfully. I’d like to see much more woodland cover, of all types. Woodland and forest remain an area of habitat that lays undisturbed for considerable time. We need much more of it.

Dorienne Robinson has an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies and has worked closely with local community renewable energy systems for a number of years.
Like Ian, she has a love of woodlands and believes that managing them sensitively can enhance habitat while
helping to supply some of our energy needs.
She says, “Climate change and Post Peak Oil has
encouraged many householders to switch across to
wood fuels. It’s very important therefore that woodlands are not abused and firewood users get a top quality product.
This is why Ian and I are committed to ensuring that
Crooked Pool Logs Ltd offers the best possible for both our woods and our customers”.

Contact us:
01597 825808 or 07849 771 741 or 07933 717 601