About Wood

Split Logs
Split Logs

Wood is the oldest form of heating fuel but has been superseded over the last 300 years by coal, gas, oil and electric, (itself produced either by the burning of fossil
fuels or by nuclear fission).

There have been many badly informed statements about the changes to Clean Air legislation. DefRA are phasing out the sale of traditional coal for home heating, along with wet wood. Woodburners will not be banned, but standards for dryness of firewood logs have been made stricter. All new stoves sold from 2021 will also have to conform to new standards.

Wood is now considered dry for burning when it is below 20% moisture content.

Burning dry wood is the single biggest factor in reducing the emissions of particulates that come from all wood burning stoves. Open fires can never burn efficiently and give off large amounts of particulates. We do not supply hardwood logs for open fires.

We’re very pleased that all our roundwood currently comes from local estates, and only travels a short distance to the yard. Long may that continue.